Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Okay so the Verizon Fios guy made it here in record time. This time he WAS all g-d like, and I swear some of the neighborhood kids came running to his truck. However, there were no rays of light emitted from the back of his vehicle. Well, maybe there were, but it is very sunny today.

Anyway, my phone is fixed.

It was off the hook.

Luckily he did not charge me. I think my sheer mortification was payment enough for him. He gave me a checklist to go through the next time this happens.

First, make sure all phones are hung up.

He really does not think I need another item on the checklist.

I will place this checklist right next to the one from the fuel company. This is eerily reminiscent of the time I called THEM because the furnace was not working... I had accidentally turned off the furnace when I had mistaken the emergency switch for the basement light.

Dad, you must be very proud of me.

Oh, and I asked my Fios savior why the name Jeanine Funnacello keeps coming up when I call people. If you still have cable (you meaning YOU as opposed to a general "you"), her name will keep coming up. It will take a couple of weeks for that to clear, but if you do NOT have cable, MY name will come up.


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