Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Okay All,

At first I was really upset and angry that someone just called my house (1am!) asking for Jeanine (Gina) Funacello. The guy woke me up out of a deep beauty rest and scared the crap out of me. I was not very nice to him (understandably).

As I was stewing in my upsettedness, I realized the time and date. It is officially April Fool's Day, so if it was a prank, I tip my hat to you.

If it was someone really calling for Gina Funacello then Verizon owes me some background information on this Gina chick. If she used to get calls at all hours of the night, then please anticipate another email with yet another change (232!) phone number.

Maybe I'll ask Verizon if I can have a recycled number of someone with a less shady sounding name. Something a little more grandmotherly like Esther Manowitz.

Anyway, I need to go back to bed. Tough day of training and tennis lessons ahead of me. And E confirmed the rumor that the new tennis pro is smoking hot, so I really need to get back to that beauty rest thing!!!

Ciao, ciao.


10 AM

Okay, I just called the number on my caller ID from last night. The same guy (who turns out to be a 20-something sounding kid) answered the phone.

There were young kids in the background, a television blaring and the guy sounded way stoned. He totally sounded like Spicolli from Fast Times. Anyway, I explained to him that while he dialed the correct number, Gina Funacello no longer belongs to that number. He was really nice about it, and I asked him how old Gina is.


Random. It wasn't like he said "in her thirties", or "around 40". Spicolli knew right off the bat that Gina is 39. So I kindly asked that he tell all of his friends not to be calling Shady Gina at that number anymore.

While typing this, Drama just called to tell me that for $14 she did a reverse number check on the kid that called, he either lives in Nyack, or Wappinger Falls. Neither town thrills me. In any case, I think Gina is a questionable character.

I am definitely pursuing the Esther Manowitz option.

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