Thursday, January 1, 2009

Piano Man

Salutations. I hope you all had a happy and safe New Years Eve.

My neighbors two nephews (7 and 12) came over for a play date today. They played indoor basketball with Adam for hours. It was great.

At one point (of the SEVEN HOUR play date) David discovered the piano and started playing songs. Correction. He started playing the ONE song he knew over and over and o*v*e*r again!!!! Finally, I threw some sheet music at him and he tried to learn something new. Ellie stayed in the living room with him the entire time just watching and listening. David came to get me and requested if I would play Billy Joel's "Piano Man." Sure, no problem, I did it.

Ellie was thrilled when I left her and David alone again.

I headed upstairs to catch the last 10 minutes of my soap opera and the effing hockey game was on!!!! So, feeling defeated, I went back down and was serenaded by David singing "Piano Man." He actually sang it out loud. The cheeze factor was at an all time high when Ellie started to fucking dance the most inappropriate dance I have ever EVER seen a three and a half year old do. I was mortified. Thank g-d David's back was to her. He did not see a thing, but I did, and believe me, it has done it's damage.

I pulled Ellie aside and asked her "where did you learn how to dance like that???" and she said "at ballet." Well, note to self... I must observe the next ballet class!!!

Anyway, the play date finally came to an abrupt end after Adam was dropped on the head by the 7 year old.

Hey, it was worth it to have the boys return across the street, even if it was my own kid that had to take one for the team.

So, I am sure you all have your own stories about how you spent the first day of 2009. This was just mine.


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