Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Scored in Lake Placid

Ahh, today it rained which I kind of welcomed because my arms are fucking killing from all the swimming and bug swatting.

Christy and I packed the kids up and headed to Lake Placid. It was only an hours drive and unfortunately, my dad’s DVD player broke. Hey, it happens when it gets dropped down a flight of stairs. And into a lake.

Lake Placid was fun. We did some serious shopping. I think Adam and Ellie have enough Lake Placid shirts and sweatshirts to last us through the next 5 years. Although the one thing that Ellie wanted more than anything was a little plastic frog's head that was filled with green bubble bath. She INSISTED on having it, which I thought was a little strange, but I bought it for her. My mom once told me that her security blanket when she was a little girl, was the plastic sheet that lined her bed for bed-wetting, so I thought maybe the love of plastic things runs blood deep and I was not going to fight it.

Adam chose a shirt that I would not let him buy. There was a drawing of a hockey player and the shirt read “I scored in Lake Placid.”

That reminded me of the time my sister, mom and I were in Aspen and my mom wanted to buy a shirt that said “Give me Rossingol or give me Head.” I stopped her from that purchase, and to this day she still does not get it. My mom just thought at the time it was a nice little tennis shirt.

Anyway, the only purchase I made for myself was an Indian headed penny that dated back to 1712. I just googled “Indian headed pennies” on my blackberry and if I am reading the chart right, the penny is worth $47.50. Unless I am way off and I should be following the chart which places the pennies value at $6,150.

In either case, my arms and shoulders are in so much pain. I think tomorrow I will take the kids and Christy on a hike. I am getting a little tired of The Sagamore and to be honest with you, I think the family from Westchester is getting to be a little annoying.

I am getting used to the lake house and I am actually going to miss it. However, I will not miss the locals and I have been making dinners here now as opposed to going in to town to eat. I just think it is safer.

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