Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rubber Soles

We had a great day at The Sagamore. Nothing like crashing at the beachfront of a $850 per day resort for free. We were only questioned once by one mom that wondered why we were not using the resort’s plush green bath towels as opposed to our own towels. I quickly explained that my kids have allergies to certain detergents and she bought it.

I knew we were good to go when a cabana boy came over and asked me if I would like to order lunch and charge it to our room. Just for a goof, I looked at the menu but told him that we would opt for our bagged lunch instead. Although I WAS tempted by the $48 lobster club sandwich.

Ellie and Adam made quick friends with two other kids that were also from Westchester. The mom and I started talking and somehow the conversation of dead bodies in lakes came up. (Okay, I totally initiated it, but she was a wealth of information.) She informed me that usually a dead body will float to the surface feet-first, as lots of bodies are dumped fully clothed, and the rubber from the shoes naturally make the feet rise to the surface first.

Good to know, and I took a mental note of two things.

1. I was very glad that I did not come face to face with a fucking Adidas sneaker during my swim yesterday.

2. That if, in fact, I ever WERE to kill Stephen and dump his body, I would have to make sure to rid his body of all rubber.

Around 1pm Christy took the kids to the resort's playground and I swam in the lake. Hey, this was a busy, bustling lake and the resort had lanes reserved for swimming. I was loving it and actually got my hours swim in. It was very choppy (a lot of motor boats), and I probably did the equivalent of a four hour swim during my one hour, just trying to keep from drowning.

We left The Sagamore at 5pm, and assured our new friends that we would be back in the morning and would see them then. (I also managed to steal a towel so that tomorrow at least I would look like I belonged.) (So reminiscent of the feeling of belonging from when I changed my phone number to the 232 exchange.

Anyway, it is now 9pm and I am heading to bed. I am very glad that I decided NOT to pack up last night and head back to Westchester. I really hate to be defeated. And tonight I enjoyed a very large 48 ounce glass of wine while sitting on the dock by the lake. There was a full moon and I realized that Jason was not out to kill me, that people (real people) lived here and that I would not be killed in the middle of the night. It was beautiful.

The only hiccup was the tremendous spider that was the size of a crab that crawled two feet in front of my deck chair. Let me just say that I have gotten quite good at hauling ass, and I made it back in to the house in 2 seconds. (Again, my math is not great and it may have been more like 30 seconds, but I was fast.)

So, I am going to bed and am looking forward to my walk in the morning (I bought bug spray at The Sagamore for $27) and I know that after my walk, I will pack the kids and Christy up for another day of crashing with the rich folk.

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