Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday the 12th

We are still at the lake house. I am scared out of my mind. There is a full moon tonight and an unbelievable amount of fog. I swear Jason is just waiting out there for me. In fact, if I am NOT murdered tonight, I will be shocked.

The kids are asleep and I just emailed E and was able to download my exact location (latitude and longitude) on my blackberry's navigation system. If she does not hear from me by 8am, I have instructed her to report me dead and have someone come look for us.

Every light in this house is on. If there even are any other houses on the lake, you would never know it. The only sound I hear are the two kids and Christy sleeping. The kids are sleeping on either side of my bed in their sleeping bags and Christy is lying right here next to me… I forced her to. “Safety in numbers” I told her.

I also hear the waters of the lake lapping up against the shore. Normally I would categorize that as one of my favorite sounds, but tonight, with every little wave that hits, I am sure it is because of the wake Jason is making as he swims towards the house, hatchet in hand.

With all the lights on, you can imagine the plethora of insects flying to the windows trying to get to the light. This makes me think that if Jason does not get us first, a bat with rabies will.
If I am not asleep soon, I may just pack up the car and be on the road by midnight.

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