Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bigger Than ButtFarts

Today I catered a party in Chappaqua, and it went really well. Then I drove to Ridgefield, CT to meet my oldest, closest friend. As we were enjoying a cup of tea, I got a voicemail from Stephen saying “There is a dead deer on the front lawn. What should I do???” all the while with the two kids screaming in the background.

I called Stephen and told him “Do NOT, under any circumstances, perform a burial for the deer. This is a much bigger deal than ButtFarts.” And I told him that we would come up with a plan when I got home.

It is now too dark to do anything with the deer. I am hoping that a coyote or mountain cat (that is rumored to be in the area) will come and take care of it for us.

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