Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie's Angel

Again, I did not send the kids to school today. Really, what was the point? To send them for one day when they are still coughing and sneezing made no sense to me, so I planned a field trip to the stores with them.

But, first I had to cancel my trainer and told him that I was keeping the kids home from school because they were sick. He totally called me out and told me that he would show up at my house as planned and would charge me regardless of whether I was there or not, so OF COURSE, I had to honor the session.

The workout was a very good one and I was actually very glad that I kept it. The kids acted as water boys and towel boys and Ellie even rubbed my tush after my squats. THAT was a little awkward, but hey, what happens during training sessions stays in training sessions.

At one point the trainer pushed me so hard aerobically that I dry heaved so hard that I actually puked a little. He asked if I was pregnant, and I explained that the role of immaculate conception had already been give away years and years ago. I told him that I was most definitely NOT pregnant, and explained that he was just asking too much of me.

I asked him "what is it exactly that we are training for anyway???!!!!??!" And he responded "I can't tell you."


Am I being trained by Charlie and am I suddenly an Angel that is going to be given a super shady mission soon? (He HAS had me doing a LOT of boxing moves lately) and he continued to drop that fucking medicine ball on my abs 50 times again today. Well, whatever my super shady mission might be, it will involve running at fast speeds for 2 minutes at a time. He (my trainer) (who must be Bosley because I don't think I am allowed to ever meet Charlie) has me get on the treadmill for 2 minute sprints 4 times during the session between weight training, boxing and squat things.

Anyway, the session was great and I am going to see him 2x more this week alone. I am going to ask this "Bosley" to drop hints... Just to be safe I think I should go buy that gorgeous new coat I have been eyeing in case I need to jet to Europe at a moments notice.

The kids were thrilled when 12:30 rolled around and their most beloved babysitter came over.

I went to Kohl's to do some last minute shopping for kitchen appliances that I knew would be on sale. It really is true that I live in my own little world because talk about shock and awe! I could not believe the crowd. I guess people really DO wait until the last minute to buy holiday gifts.... I was just heading out to get stuff because I needed (wanted) it.

When I got home from Kohl's, there was a message on my machine from the director of Adam's school asking how Adam was and left word that "Adam had the starring role as the only Jewish boy in the class holiday show."


I asked Adam if he knew about the class show and he had no clue what I was talking about. I think the director was just trying to make me feel guilty for not showing up because I had signed up to bring in an antipasto platter. (My kids' schools use me for food.)

Anyway, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, a continued Happy Hanukkah, and a happy Festivus for those who may celebrate that.


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