Friday, December 19, 2008

The Right To Assemble

Today school was canceled due to a snow storm that finally decided to arrive well after the kids could have easily attended a full day of school. NO worries. I love snow days. Somehow a snow day is different from a weekend, don't ask why. (Perhaps it is because my soap opera is on.)

Anyway, the kids assembled and decorated 4 gingerbread houses and I assembled one huge ass doll house for Ellie all by myself. It had 103 parts to assemble, and I did it in 2 hours. And it actually looks exactly as it should, as opposed to the play kitchen that I assembled myself and it ended up looking more like modern art than anything else.

I put the doll house in Ellie's room and removed her Rose Petal Cottage (big Hannukah gift from last hear that she never fucking played in). Of course, as soon as I took the Rose Petal Cottage out of her room, it was all she wanted to play with. Go figure.

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