Thursday, December 11, 2008

Staff Development

So the meeting went well. My suggestions were met with enthusiasm.

As for the hairy men in the pool, there will now be all male and all female lanes in the pool. A sign will be posted in the men's locker room advising of the waxing and other spa services that the club offers.

As for better looking lifeguards, the owner agreed with me, but he is not the one that hires, and therefore had little to no control over it. Though, note taken and upon any firing of current staff, he will ask that resumes be sent from Ford modeling agency as well as from the local colleges (just to be fair.)

He did implore to me how imperative it is to have lifeguards that actually ARE trained in CPR and other life saving skills. Based on my boy from the hot tub, he is right.

I then went out on a limb and told him that I think the food in the clubs cafe is extremely overpriced and only average at best. I thought that he could and should take some pointers from Canyon Ranch, and that I would be happy to go there as a "Staff Development" thing.

He pointed out that I an not employed by the club and therefore would not be going on any such trip unless it was out of my pocket book.

He had a point.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a big day for me at the pool. I am planning on having Keith (current lifeguard) fired.

Alright, good night, sleep tight.


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